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Custom App DevelopmentRealize your vision with our bespoke App Development. Whether it's web, mobile, hybrid, or prototyping, we craft innovative solutions for you.
Cloud ConsultingPropel your business with our Cloud Consulting mastery, encompassing AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google & major Cloud platforms. Embrace an unparalleled journey.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Supercharge your business with personalized AI solutions.We deliver innovative insights for market leadership using leading-edge technology.
BlockchainStep into the future of secure transactions with our Blockchain Development. We engineer decentralized solutions, instilling trust and spearheading industry revolution.
Outsourced Product Development & ConsultingMaximize your business potential with our Outsourced Product Development & Consulting. Formulate strategies, scale teams, and drive efficiency for success.
DevOps AutomationAccelerate time-to-market with our DevOps Automation. Experience seamless collaboration, expedited delivery, and top-notch software quality.

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Expertise and Experience

Our expertise ensures readiness for any challenge in software, cybersecurity, cloud solutions, and digital transformation

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We provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your systems running smoothly

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Quality Assurance

We constantly assess our methods and tools to enhance efficiency and quality

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We constantly explore new technologies and methodologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions for business growth

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Our Approach

Our team drives productivity with impactful results

Project Initiation

Stakeholders brainstorm and conceptualize the app's purpose, target audience and core features.


Detailed planning is carried out to define the scope, objectives and technical requirements of the app


The design phase focuses on creating wireframes, mockups and prototypes to visualize the app's layout, navigation and user interface


The development phase involves coding the app according to the defined requirements and design specifications


Once the app passes testing and QA, it is prepared for deployment to production environments

Synergy in Action - Witness the Magic of Teamwork and Smart Work

Togetherness and smart plans lead to amazing results, amplified by tech expertise

Flexibility and Adaptability

In today’s dynamic business environment, flexibility and adaptability are crucial for success. That’s why we regularly review and adjust our strategies in response to changing market conditions, emerging trends and evolving customer preferences.

Collaboration and Communication

We believe in the power of collaboration and open communication. Throughout the strategy development and implementation process, we maintain regular communication with you to ensure alignment, transparency and accountability.

trusted partnership

In forging a Trusted partnership, Mutual respect and Transparent communication serve as the Cornerstones of our Collaborative success


Why Should You Choose Manisoft?

Our offerings encompass demonstrated innovation, superior customer support and surpassing customer expectations

"Having had great experiences working with Manisoft in the past, they were the first and only company we talked to when we had a new mobile & web development project. Our latest project involved creation of a PWA, and we were very pleased to see Manisoft bring the same level of technical design skills and product quality to bear in the web application environment that they had previously demonstrated with iOS and Android development. We continue to enjoy working with Manisoft and anticipate working with them again on future projects."

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David Brinkman

CEO / AssureSign, LLC

"I can confidently say that Manisoft has been an invaluable partner in our growth. Their expertise in mobile and web app development has been instrumental in creating a user-friendly and efficient experience for our store owners. The team is incredibly responsive and adaptable. They've been able to scale their solutions to accommodate our growing user base and new feature additions seamlessly."

Testimonial Image
Karthik Velappan

Co Founder & CEO / 2497 Inc

"We had engaged Manisoft since 2016. They demonstrated exceptional skill and creativity in developing our mobile app, delivering a seamless user experience with robust functionality. Their commitment to quality and timely delivery is commendable, making them a reliable choice for future projects."

Testimonial Image
Meng Liang Tan

Director / LoanCompareSG

"Manisoft has been a game-changer for our e-commerce business. Their custom mobile app not only boasts a sleek design but also integrates seamlessly with our inventory and payment systems. We've seen a significant increase in mobile sales and customer engagement since launch, thanks to Manisoft's expertise."

Testimonial Image
Gopinathan Ramachandran

Founder / Shyaway

"We would like to extend our sincere gratitude for the exceptional performance of Manisoft team in all our contracts. The technical expertise, dedication, and cooperative methods of them had a significant impact on our project success. I would like to express my gratitude for their outstanding service."

Testimonial Image
Sadasivam Kannan

VP & GM (Software) / Riverstone Technologies

"When we embarked on the journey to create the Apps, our vision was clear: to revolutionize the way people order food and managing the order from preparing to serve/delivery. Manisoft not only understood our vision but also brought it to life with precision and creativity. From the initial concept discussions to the final product launch, Manisoft demonstrated unwavering commitment, technical expertise, and a deep understanding of our industry."

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Vinoth Gowrinathan

CTO / RxGroup

"Partnering with Manisoft to develop our EV charge station locator and monitor app was a brilliant decision. The app empowers EV drivers to locate available charging stations and monitor their charging status remotely. This has significantly improved the user experience for EV drivers in our region and has helped promote the adoption of electric vehicles."

Testimonial Image
Ashwin Gowtham

Founder & CEO / ChargeDock

"From the start Manisoft was great to work with. Their flexibility in working with us despite a 9.5 hour time difference was commendable. Over the course of the project they were easy to communicate with and completed the project ahead of schedule. They demonstrated a solid skill set in both iOS and Android environments. We were also impressed with their ability to not only quickly understand the nature of the project but to offer up suggestions for ways we could improve on our design. We enjoyed working with Manisoft and anticipate working with them again on future projects."

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David Brinkman

CEO / AssureSign, LLC

"Was a great development team, we enjoyed working with them. They showed excellent skills to deliver our project and has been very efficient."

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Ionut Dricu

Html Clouds

"Excellent engineers. delivered what I wanted - and more. When they had a question, they didn't hesitate to ask instead of sitting blocked. Worked their way around several difficulties and made great suggestions that improved the final product."

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Dan Rahman


"Manisoft delivered an outstanding job. We had a few hiccups, as with any developments, but they didn't give up and worked like a trooper to deliver on time. I will definitely hire them again."

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Helena Kanoute


"Manisoft does excellent work. This is the 3rd project we've partnered with them for, and each was completed on time with excellent results. I would highly recommend them for any of your mobile and web projects."

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John Carolan

"Manisoft is well profession in android and iOS project. Most important they are honest and supportive. For sure I give them more projects in the future. Fully satisfied with their excellent work. For sure, they are my favorite developer team and I would like to award more projects to them."

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Hush A